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About Us


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We are a  Small Country Church with a BIG Heart! 

Our History

Established in a stone house one half mile to the west of the currency facility, the small church and congregation witnessed to the surrounding community. Fire consumed the church in 1874 but not the spirit of the congregation which rebuilt the church the following year.

In 196, the church expanded to its current floor plan. This included a primary department and expanded sanctuary. In 1996 the church family’s strength and resolve was challenged when the sanctuary was damaged by vandals on two consecutive weekends. With the support of the Lord and surrounding church families, the sanctuary was cleaned and the church’s mission continues. The church renovated the children’s department and nursery during 2019.  The church celebrated its 195th anniversary in 2023.

Pastor Beth Holz

Pastor Beth Holz

Lead Pastor

I was appointed to Bethel July 1st, 2021.  I graduated rom Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2009 with a Master of Divinity.  I have serving as a Pastor for 12 years!  I am married and have two grown children.  My passion is outreach and developing relationships with the community.  With Christ leading each one of us in m ministry we can rest in knowing that God knows the way we should take and will be there to lead and guide us every step of the way.  Heaven in our goal, yet there is still a great mission our Creator has called us to while here on this earth.  
If you are looking for a “perfect church,” then I encourage you to click away quickly because we are not that church, yet we are doing our best to become more like our Lord and Savior every single day.  Sometimes we fail, but we believe in learning from those failures and moving forward in faith and victory!

Lives are being changed here at Bethel and it is an honor and glory of Jesus Christ!  We are all different, and while we have distinctive needs and situations in our lives, we believe He is more than up to the task of meeting those needs!